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About Terry Prince

Hello, Thank you for visiting my website.

Music is in my soul. It is my life, my joy, my happiness. It is the one thing in this hectic world that brings
me peace…..Inner Peace.

As a Singer-Songwriter, I have come to understand that I don’t really choose the songs that I write. I feel
in my soul, that the songs are written by a power much greater than I, and I am simply the vehicle for
their expression.

I view myself and the music as a messenger: A messenger for love, for peace, for oneness.

I choose not to define or label my music. Music is not a label, it’s a feeling. Whatever one feels when
hearing it, that’s what it is for them. There is no oneness in labeling. A label is used, to separate, divide,
and confine. My music and message is about unity, oneness and freedom.

My music is being heard all over the world. My songs have been used by organizations in Europe, Africa,
China, Japan, Canada, as well as the United States. In 2010 A song I wrote titled “We Can Make It Right”
was chosen to be the Campaign song for the organization “Goals Of South Africa” during the World Cup.

I have been blessed to perform in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and many states in the U.S.
including a one year engagement on the famous Las Vegas strip at Harrahs. My favorite place to play
my music is on the Famous Santa Monica Pier. I find it to be a very magical place and I have the joy
and honor of meeting people from all over the world and they get to discover me and the music. I love
taking the music to the people, it’s my gift to the ears and hearts that are open to receive it.

I have received tens of thousands of emails and letters from fans who enjoy the music and the most
frequent statement in them all about the music was “It makes me feel at peace”. “It’s soothing”. And so
because of this I named my website www.playingforpeace.com. This is in honor and tribute to all of you
who support me and the music. I LOVE YOU from the place where we are all the same. Truly!

I thank you for your continued support. I thank you for helping me spread the message and the music all
over the world.

We are all messengers in our own unique way. I encourage you to take your gift, your message
and share it with all of those who are open. Yes, we are all messengers, but there is only one

I wish you Peace and Love. Stay in the magic.

Terry Prince